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Mexican Tax Incentives for Foreign Investors: What You Need to Know

Mexico offers a series of tax incentives to attract foreign investment and promote the country's economic development. These incentives can be of great help to foreign investors seeking to reduce their tax burden and increase the profitability of their investments.

What types of tax incentives are available?

  • Tax exemptions: Reduction or total elimination of taxes on income, value added (VAT), and other taxes.

  • Tax credits: Tax refunds for investments in specific sectors or priority activities.

  • Reduced tax rates: Income or VAT taxes at lower rates for certain types of investments or businesses.

  • Investment deductions: Possibility of deducting certain investment-related expenses from tax payments.

Who can access these incentives?

Tax incentives are available to a wide range of foreign investors, including:

  • Individuals: Foreign individuals who invest in Mexico directly or through a company.

  • Legal entities: Foreign companies that establish operations in Mexico.

  • Investment funds: Private equity or foreign investment funds that invest in Mexico.

What requirements must be met to access the incentives?

The requirements for accessing tax incentives vary depending on the type of incentive and the sector of the investment. In general, you must:

  • Make a minimum investment: The minimum investment amount varies depending on the incentive program.

  • Comply with certain legal requirements: Comply with the applicable Mexican laws and regulations for the investment.

  • Apply for the incentive: Submit an application to the competent tax authority.

Gómez Pérez y Asociados: Your legal ally in Mexico

At Gómez Pérez y Asociados, our team of lawyers specialized in tax law is dedicated to helping foreign investors take full advantage of the tax incentives available in Mexico. We offer a wide range of legal services, including:

  • Tax advice: We provide you with expert legal advice on the different tax incentives available and the requirements to access them.

  • Tax planning: We help you structure your investment in a way that you can take full advantage of the tax incentives.

  • Application preparation: We help you prepare and file the tax incentive application with the competent tax authority.

  • Representation: We represent you before the tax authorities in case of any controversy.

Contact us today and let us help you take advantage of Mexican tax incentives to make your investment in Mexico a success.

Gómez Pérez y Asociados

Phone: +52 322 221 3037

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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