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Trusts in Puerto Vallarta,
Bahia de Banderas, and Across Mexico

Navigating property acquisitions in Mexico's restricted zones requires foreigners to utilize a (fideicomiso) bank trust. The process may involve assuming an existing bank trust through an Assignment of Rights (Cesion de Derechos). Depending on the remaining duration of the current trust, opting to take over the trust could be more advisable than incurring set-up costs for a new trust.

We specialize in offering comprehensive and tailored services in:

  • Estate Planning: Strategically plan your estate for long-term security.

  • Asset Protection: Safeguard your assets through meticulous planning.

  • Business Succession Planning: Ensure a smooth transition of your business to the next generation.

  • Business Formation: Expert assistance in forming and structuring businesses.

  • Probate and Trust Administration: Streamlined handling of probate and trust affairs.

  • Charitable Planning: Incorporate philanthropy into your estate planning.

  • Estate Litigation Services: Legal support for estate-related disputes.

Our privilege is to collaborate with individuals, families, and business owners, offering peace of mind through our expert services. We welcome the opportunity to extend the same peace of mind to you.

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