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Timeshare Contracts

We all love to vacation in Mexico and it can be very easy to get persuaded to invest your hard earned money into a timeshare property with amazing sales pitches, incentives and gifts.  There are many trusted timeshare properties in Mexico that have a strong reputation and others that are unfortunately are not.  We know it sounds so simple to own a piece of real estate in sunny Mexico but you must be careful at all times and know what you are signing to avoid fraudulent activities.


 Timeshare legal services include: 

  • Purchase cancellations

  • Contact reviews & cancellations

  • Changes & upgrades

  • Selling your timeshare

  • Review of all legal documentation

A few simple ways to help you protect your investment include: 


  • Contact a local lawyer to help you review your contract before you sign anything

  • Taking the time to understand the monthly expenses of a timeshare, maintenance fees which seem to increase each year, ask your salesperson if there is a cap on the fees and make sure it is documented in your contract

  • Speaking with other timeshare owners on the development to validate the information you received

  • Compare this resort to others timeshare properties (amenities, maintenance fees and availability)

  • Do not allow the salesperson to pressure you into signing anything 

  • Make sure any promises and free gifts are added in your contract (with precise details and value)

  • Do not sign Spanish documents without having a lawyer present

  • Verify the contract has a Profeco (Federal Attorney’s Office of Consumers) registration number


If you are unsure about your contract, want to cancel or need legal advice, our team of legal expert (who specialize in timeshare contract disputes) can help you mitigate your risk and protect your investment. 

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