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Real Estate & Closing Services

Imagine having an experienced team of legal experts accompany you through the entire process of purchasing real estate in Mexico. With GP&A you can rest assured that your interests as the buyer or seller are protected at all times and help find a timely solution at any stage of a dispute.  With over 20+ years of experience in Puerto Vallarta, we understand the laws and and ensure your investments are safe, legitimate and protected.

GP&A Can Assist You With: 


  • Title Deed & Due Diligence

  • Escrow Services

  • Real Estate Closing Accompaniment

  • Co-Ownership (Condo) Agreements

  • Beachfront Permits

  • Financing

  • Tax Reductions

  • Rental Agreements

  • Property Transfers

  • Banking Setup



  • A one-on-one briefing to explain the process and answer questions (free 15 minutes)

  • Due diligence performed on the property

  • Organization of services for closing

  • Referencing of all parties

  • Access to our legal department

  • Qualified, experienced and trustworthy professionals

  • Accompaniment at the notary’s offices at closing

  • Title guaranty

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