Immigration Services

GP&A offers immigration services for both Mexicans who want to travel abroad and to foreigners who want to reside or work in Mexico.


If you are a foreigner and going to live and work in Mexico, you need to have the necessary immigration documentation. Mexico offers several types of working and non-working visas. Before you choose a visa you should know what the pros and cons are of each type. We can assist you with selecting and acquiring the type of visa that best fits your needs. The type of visa you have can affect the car you drive and the amount of taxes you pay. Getting the right type of visa the first time will save you a considerable amount of time and could also save you a considerable amount of money.


  • Processing of temporary and permanent residency.

  • Obtaining permits for entering, exiting, and working in Mexico.

  • Processing Mexican naturalization of foreigners.

  • Assistance and channeling of consular services for foreigners.

  • Obtaining visas for Mexicans to travel abroad.

Want to be in Mexico for more than the allowed 180 days of the tourist visa?  Gómez Pérez & Asociados can help you obtain your immigration visas, certificates and permissions. You will only have to provide us with the required documents – leave the rest to us!


  • Temporary Residency

  • Permanente Residency

  • Citizenship

  • Permission to travel

  • Change of Migratory Status

  • Regularization of Migratory Status

  • Certificates, Permissions and Authorizations

  • Appointments at Mexican consulates or embassies abroad


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