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Tax Services

GP&A provides high quality US tax preparation and advice to US Expatriates and Non Resident Aliens living in Mexico both in person and remotely.

Our target market is American & Canadian expatriates living in Mexico and Mexican citizens (US non resident aliens) that have US tax compliance needs.

Our Services Include: 

  • US Expats

  • Foreign Corporations Owned by US Expats

  • Foreign Partnerships Owned by US Expats

  • Small Businesses Owned By US Expats (Schedule C, Partnerships, S Corps)

  • Mexican Nationals with US source income

  • Small US Corporations or Partnerships owned by Mexicans


We have extensive experience in audits, tax deduction, tax exemptions, the granting of tax incentives as well as fighting illegal or undo taxes and in many cases having unjust tax payments returned to our clients.

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