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Tax Services in Puerto Vallarta,
Bahia de Banderas,
and Across Mexico

GP&A offers top-notch US tax preparation and advisory services tailored for US Expatriates and Non-Resident foreigners residing in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of Mexico, accessible both in-person and remotely.
Our specialized services cater to the following groups:

1. US Expats:

  • Comprehensive tax support for Americans living in Mexico.

2. Foreign Corporations Owned by US Expats:

  • Expertise in tax matters related to foreign corporations owned by US expatriates.

3. Foreign Partnerships Owned by US Expats:

  • Tailored tax solutions for partnerships with US expatriate ownership.

4. Small Businesses Owned by US Expats (Schedule C, Partnerships, S Corps):

  • Dedicated assistance for small businesses owned by American expatriates, covering Schedule C, partnerships, and S corporations.

5. Mexican Nationals with US Source Income:

  • Ensuring tax compliance for Mexican citizens with US source income.

6. Small US Corporations or Partnerships Owned by Mexicans:

  • Expert guidance for Mexicans owning small US corporations or partnerships.

Our expertise extends to audits, tax deductions, exemptions, securing tax incentives, and challenging illegal or undue taxes. We have a successful track record of rectifying unjust tax payments and ensuring our clients receive the full benefits they are entitled to.

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